Shift Rostering

Employees who do not have a fixed shift pattern can be rostered onto the relevant shift. This is particularly useful when employees need to be flexible in their attendance to work.

Overtime Authorization

Overtime is automatically calculated but only becomes payable once approved by an authorized manager.

Leave Management

Manage employee leave proactively whether it be paid, unpaid, compassionate, study or other.


Manage auto generated exceptions based on shifts for late arrivals, early departure, absent from work & other.

Flexible Shifts

Caters for employees working multiple shift within one day. Some employees may have a fixed option of working a Morning, Afternoon, Night or OFF shift.

Payroll Integration

Direct integration to payroll software. We are able to create any extract in ASCII format for importing as long as the payroll software has an import facility. 


Many standard reports available, samples of which can be viewed from our Products >> Software page. Overtime, Exceptions, Hours etc.


A secure login with various levels of access allowing certain users to view, edit or approve what has been assigned for overseeing.  

Auto Processing

Collection of clockings & processing into hours are done automatically. This makes for real-time information as & when you need it.

Manual Override

Override all clockings & hours generated by the system manually by editing the entry. This can only be done if the user has been given the rights to do so.

SQL Database

Our software has a SQL backend, making for reliable & stable data integrity. This dramatically reduces data corruption of up to 90%.

Auto Backups

Software is automatically backed up, keeping records safe to restore in case of PC crash or theft. Backed up data can also be stored to an offsite location such as cloud storage.

SMS Notification

Notifications via SMS based on specific events can be configure in order to keep operators & employees informed on the go.

Hierarchy Approval

Records such as payroll hours follow a strict hierarchy of having to be approved by a supervisor before it can be exported to Payroll. 

Event Reminders

Configure a host of reminders improving efficiency when managing daily tasks. Receive these reminders as desktop popups, emails or sms's. 

Payroll Synchronising

Enjoy easy bidirectional integration to Sage VIP Payroll with database sync. Changes made in the payroll software are automatically synchronized with Jarrison Time.