Exceptional client services ratings

At Cloud Connexion we understand the importance of great service. As a result, customer satisfaction is the main priority. Our specialized services ensure this & forms part of the journey when selecting Cloud Connexion as your service provider. During consultation phase, a needs analysis is performed in order to accurately design a system suited for our clients very needs.

Leasing Options

Getting finance together for a supreme Time & Attendance system can sometimes prove to be a daunting task with Capex approval, budget restraints etc. For this reason we have made it easy to get the system you need implemented without delay. Not having a system can cost you money. A finance option is therefore available allowing you to pay a monthly premium over a set period of 3 years at a fraction of the outright purchase price.

Save You Money

One might think a Time & Attendance system can be a liability & cost you thousands. Quite the contrary as time equals money. If we can save you time, we will in turn save you money. Our sales staff are equipped in proving how a well structured solution can in fact put money back into your pocked and improve the bottom line of your business. The solution we provide allows the system to pay for itself in just a few months.

Expert Advice

With years of experience we have some of the most qualified personnel to offer you sound advice when choosing a solution in this industry. Expert techniques along with skilled knowledge of the market ensured you are well informed of the most technologically advanced ways of putting together a solution that suites you very requirements.

After Sales Service

To assist in this important aspect of any project, we have put together comprehensive contracts & agreements. A Hardware & Software contract, which caters for those unforeseen call outs & service requests. Both are annually renewable & ensures total piece of mind when purchasing our system. Other forms of contracts such as Service Level Agreements (SLA) are also available and could be customized to suite the system requirements.

Many companies underestimate the vital role of this service & therefore many good systems are implemented incorrectly due to a lack of effective project management. Here at Cloud Connexion not only do we have a dedicated qualified project manager who has the theoretical know how, but rather one who has extensive industry & onsite experience. A successful turnkey solution is based on the ability to ensure the needs of each client is met by implementing the correct system.

Software Development

As an addition to our already wide service offering, we also develop workflow management systems. This is typically used to capture data, keep track of & retrieve information anywhere & at any time. The applications we create are hosted in the cloud, meaning there is no lengthy download or install requirements. The software benefits in streamline operational tasks in an administrative capacity.  

Software Configuration

Setting up the software correctly is key in having your system generate the hours & reports expected. In order to do so one relies on the software services consultant. For this reason we have ensured our consultants are well equipped not only to know the capabilities of the software but also to analyze the work patterns of your staff & suggest the best way in managing their shifts. By doing so payroll becomes a breeze and saves time, eliminating most employee pay queries.

Technical Expertise

Not only do our certified technical consultants have the ability to install our designated products but also have the expertise in understanding the unique industry of Access & Security. Because of this they are able to identify onsite concerns in ensuring the system is installed in the correct environment& position.

Products Support

During the initial period of system implementation we conduct comprehensive training on the general & advanced usage of the solution. However from time to time our clients need our assistance and therefore we are merely a phone call away. Also to assist in the remote support feature we offer, contracted clients have the benefit of us assessing or even resolving the issue remotely via TEAM VIEWER. This speeds up the turnaround time & guarantees quick & efficient support.