Its month end !!!


The boss has just surprised you with a ton of admin needing to be processed. The deadline is tomorrow & he needs reports to analyse results and discuss with the board. Guess its going to be a late night.

No more worries !!!


Why not transform data into meaningful information with an online workflow management system? With a collaborative portal, various stakeholders can capture, track & manipulate data throughout the month, spreading the workload & improving efficiency. 

System infrastructure

The custom applications we develop are hosted in the cloud. In essence we are offering Software as a Service (SaaS). This means there is no need for lengthy downloads & tedious installations. As a result upgrading the software is seamless as well. Changes & updates made to the back-end of the platform is automatically pushed out & synchronized on next accessing the software.

Cloud based solution

Because the software is hosted in the cloud, it can be accessed anywhere & from most browsers. This aids the trend whereby offices have become mobile. Use your desktop, laptop, tablet & even phone to access, update & manage you data. Introducing a cloud based system from Cloud Connexion assists in streamlining administrative duties & tasks. Applications such as Project Tracking, Sales order & inventory as well as Task Tracking has been developed for customers in need of improving workflow. 

Still not convinced...


Follow Johny as he discovers an effective solution to solving his monthly administrative processing problems.

No doubt he's on the fast track to success...

All our applications have an integrated mobile interface, enabled as an add-on feature to desktop


Save time with automation

Keep accurate record of data 

Schedule tasks & receive reminders

Collaborate & stay up to date

Simplify administrative duties


Access data from anywhere

Share data securely

Reliable hosting

Automatic backups

No downloads & installs

Record Entries




Mobile Office