Multi Zones

Up to 33 zones to detect whether an individual is concealing some soft of harmful device.

Remote Configuration

Change settings on the device without having to request a technician. Set sensitivity and other settings via the remote control.

Zone Sensitivity

Up to 300 sensitivity levels for each zone. Ensuring the correct alarm notification & decreasing false triggers & unnecessary disturbances.

Harmless Detection

Harmless to human body, heart pacemaker, pregnant woman, magnetic floppy discs & magnetic tapes.

Accurate & Reliable

Accurate detection of weapons and contraband while filtering watches, belts, coins, buttons & other harmless items.


Aesthetically pleasing with robust sturdy design. Appealing & creates a professional & secure image for any organization.


Stigmatization of passenger walking trough the device as well as statistics like alarm counts. All through a neat on-board LCD screen.


Handheld device boast robust design with build in rechargeable battery. Sound, vibration & LED indication on detecting foreign object.