The system is designed with least disruption in mind, however in some cases an issue may arise. Check below if the answer to your query is not already answered. If it could not be found here, please contact us via phone, email or complete our contact or support ticket form.

Time & Attendance / Access Control

  • Can I upgrade to a higher level of employees if we employ more staff?

    Yes, get in contact with us & we can arrange for the next upper level license of what you currently have.

  • How long do I have when I first get the license renewal popup?

    The popup message appears 30 days before the software becomes inactive. We will be in contact with you during this time.

  • What can I try if a specific employee struggles to clock on a reader

    Make sure the reader lens is clean & if so, try re-enrolling him. Check if the finger is not damaged. If so enroll another finger.

  • I can't get access to the ZKTeco biometric reader's menu to re-enroll someone.

    From the software clear the admin privileges & set the correct person as admin once enrollment is complete.

  • Why is the siren not ringing at the correct time or skipping certain times?

    Check if the time on the timer is correct. For times not ringing check the program if indeed it has been set to ring at that specific time.

  • Why do I not see any employee clockings in the software?

    Check if the communications engine is running. If indeed, check if the clock is still power up. Also find out by IT of the network is not down. 

  • The hours generated by the system after a public holiday is not correct.

    Check if the non recurring public holiday has been captured into the software. Else possibly the shift has not been set to pay hours on thee days. 

  • A specific employee does not have access to a particular area.

    Check if he has been enrolled onto the clock & has a fingerprint in the software, else check if his access has not been restricted to that clock.