Welcome to Cloud Connexion, a company specializing in workforce management. Our solutions include Time & Attendance, Access Control, CCTV, IT, Electronics, Backup systems as well as custom administrative applications. We pride ourselves in providing high levels of service in Project Management, Software Configuration, Technical installation & industry expertise. Let us help you manage your staff whereabouts & save you money while doing so.

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Platinum Solution

Fully installed - Includes Biometric reader, power supply / backup battery,  ZKTime software, setup & training. 

R9999 excl VAT

Terms & Conditions apply !

Save time on payroll

Eliminate buddy clocking

Real-time transactions

Accurate timekeeping history

Titanium Solution

Fully installed - Includes Biometric reader, power supply / backup battery, Jarrison Time software, setup & training.

R11999 excl VAT 

Terms & Conditions apply !

Our system saves you money !

Consider this, if you have 25 employees, each being paid R12.50 per hour, working 8 hours a day for 5 days. Your wage bill will be around R50 000 per month. Each of these employees steel 7 minutes per day, totaling a staggering 3500 minutes per month. This equates to a loss of R729.17 per month, which you paying more on wages than you should. Therefore, installing our Time & Attendance solution can save you this amount per month & still leave money in your pocket. In essence paying for itself.

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Follow Johny as he discovers an effective solution to solving his salaries & wages processing problems.

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Business Process Automation

We help you design a cloud based workflow system that improves, streamlines & your daily tasks & duties. With a mobile phone integrator, capturing, updating & sharing data has never been easier. Our custom application is build around your needs & effectively turns data into meaningful information.

Electronic Modular Solutions

We build all sorts of bespoke electronic modules. Power supplies, relay triggers & timers, beams, automatic transfer switches, battery chargers, remote management & much more. Our technicians combine various electronic PCB to form a specific module, which delivers the required results.

If you have a unique requirement, we can help you.

Time & Attendance

Closed Circuit Television

Access Control

Solutions can be implemented individually or collectively as a complete workforce management system.