Cloud Connexion was formed to assist companies with managing their staff operations & streamline systems when processing administration tasks, salaries & wages. With 15 years of experience in Access Control, Time & Attendance & relevant Workforce Management processes, we are well placed to offer a solution to fit our client’s specific requirements. We boast offering great products backed up with superior service. Careful product selection has been made by which the affiliated suppliers have industry knowledge & experience going as far back as the 1980’s. Our establishment certainly competes with that of the best.

At Cloud Connexion we aim to improve & streamline the Workforce Management processes of our clients. This is done through delivering uncompromising service & quality with leading industry standards & products. With key competencies we work in close relation with our clients to accomplish synergistic solutions.

We understand that the strength of a business lies in its employees. As a result we make every effort in providing a professional working environment & ensuring our employees have what they need in order to perform the task at hand. A structure of value & recognition is part of our ethos, retaining those already in employ. Each employee forms a vital role in the overall success of the business as staff feel they make a difference & add value.

Based on the ever growing demand in managing workforce effectively, Cloud Connexion is excited to declare we are on the forefront of technology. In the next 5 years we envisage a large footprint to that of international stature. Our ever growing satisfied client base is testament to the great investment they make when electing to have our system installed. Time is money & we know how to help you save it. No wonder everyone wants to go with Cloud Connexion !

The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice define an Exempt Micro Enterprise as one with an annual turnover of less than R5 million. Cloud Connexion is therefore classified as an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME). EME's are automatically allocated a level 4 score. Procurement from us can be claimed at the rate of 100% of any qualifying spend.

EMEs (Exempt Micro Enterprises) are regarded as level four contributors which means that companies may claim R1 for every R1 they spend with EMEs on their own scorecard. Despite their exempt status, EMEs will need to understand aspects of the BEE code so as to clarify their position to their clients. Bigger companies (known as generic companies, with annual turnover greater than R35m) are awarded points on their own preferential procurement scorecard for buying from EMEs.


Account holder: Cloud Connexion
Account no: 1147664218
Bank: Nedbank
Account type: Current / Cheque
Branch name: N1 City
Branch code: 198765
Swift code: NEDSZAJJ
Enterprise number: 2017/238417/07
VAT number: 4200278481
Tax number: 9112321238
COID number: 990001120154
PAYE number: 7360797528
UIF number: U360797528
SDL number: L360797528
PSIRA number: Pending                 

We believe in doing business above board. Remaining in good stead with SARS is a foundational building block of any business and contributes towards its longevity.

Letter of good standing (COID)

Letter of good standing (Income Tax)