Backup system switches automatically between mains & battery power through its Automatic Transfer Switch.

Auto Recharge

Power supply / inverter automatically recharges the battery pack once the mains utility power is restored.


Audible & visual indicators informing one of the status of the power, batteries & charging facility.

Power Output

Various power options form 30W to 5000W. Direct current as well as alternative current backup systems.


Only inverters that produce a Pure Sinewave signal are sold as it does not harm sensitive electronics like Modified Sinewave do. 

Home & Office

Solutions design for small home applications or complete office systems, portable to integrated with the grid through the electrical DB board.


Various bespoke solutions designed to fit your environment & requirements. Commercially enclosed configurations & aesthetically pleasing. 


Portable solutions ready to be transported to where the need may rise. Easy to setup through a plug & play configuration.