Access Rights

Confine employees to certain areas or restrict access to sensitive / high risk areas such as server rooms etc.

Time Zones

Allow access to the restricted area of entry only within a certain time window or in one direction, IN or OUT.

Anti Passback

Prevent employees from allowing their colleagues to enter or exit by presenting their own finger or card. 

Zone Count

Limit the amount of employees within a certain area. Once that limit has been reach, no more can access that area until someone exits.


A feature designed & used at most banks. Typically enabled on a booth or restricted area with two doors. Both doors can not be open at the same time.  

Remote Triggers

Open access doors fitted with our remote triggers from a distance by means of a hand held remote or phone app.

Emergency Override

Entrance & Exit doors are required to have a manual override in cases of emergency. This is activated by physical switch or remote trigger.

Physical Barrier

Restrict access to office blocks, factory & canteen etc. by integrating our biometric readers & software to booms, booths or turnstiles. 

Sequential Clocking

Force employees to clock at a specific access reader before proceeding to clock at a Time & Attendance reader.

Software Unlock

Lock or Unlock any door configured as an access reader & connected to a maglock, door strike or boom via the software.

Attendance Logs

Track employee whereabouts, enter or exit, as they roam the premises & access various doors, turnstiles or booms.

Message Block

Automatically set deactivation rules for employees with reminders such as medical checkup or forklift license renewals whom have not reported to HR.