Night Vision

All cameras are equipped with infra red, resulting in the area covered by the camera to be seen at night. 

HD Visual Surveilance

Hi resolution cameras make for crisp visuals. Playing back content stored on the hard-drive of the DVR/NVR displays this high quality recording.  

Remote Viewing

Access the DVR/NVR from your mobile phone. This way the live feed from the cameras can be viewed where ever you are. Also setup & connect remote control rooms for viewing you clients premises.

History & Recording

Recording content can be stored on the DVR/NVR for later playback. The amount of history saved depends on the size of the hard drive fitted.

IP / Analog

Communication protocols available, IP & Analog cover a wide spectrum of requirements. Depending on the scope of requirement, IP (Network based) may be the better option as it caters for very high visuals. 

Improved Security

With the addition of surveillance cameras, perpetrators are deterred & think twice before attempting a breach. Security is therefor improved as proven statistically. 

Provide Evidence

In a case of a breach or burglar, provide visual content to necessary parties in order to assist the investigation process & solve the incident.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy a safer environment resulting in peace of mind allowing staff to worry less about security & focus on work related aspects.

Camera Purpose

An acronym - DORI, stands for Detection, Observation, Recognition & Identification. Each one a distinct purpose on what is to be achieved by implementing a camera. We ensure the right camera is supplied for the required results.

Wide Dynamic Range

Each Hikvision camera offer a host of features, one of which is WDR. The ability to improve the image when scenes where lighting is a big factor and causes poor visibility. Enabling WDR dramatically corrects the image in cases like this.

Future Proof Brand

Hikvision is an internationally renowned brand. In the past 18 years the products have gained market share in leaps & bounds. This makes for a solution, which is not only continually improving but also upgradable & will be around for many years to come.

IVMS Software

The IVMS software supplied with each DVR/NVR is absolutely feature rich. With feature such as people count & obstacle detect, securing a premises with high level requirement is made easy.