• Developed in South Africa

• Daily database backup to a safe location (e.g. another PC on the network)

• Full audit trail , including user who perform the action

• Up-to-date on screen ‘In or Out’ register

• Caters for any public holidays (add or delete public holidays as they change)

• Summary View window to provide immediate access to clockings and totals

• Able to import and export work rules for off-site e-mail support requirements

Saves you time preparing for payroll

Effortless calculation and record keeping of your employees’ time sheets. The custom report creator and secure SQL database allow for speedy and confident day-to-day operations. With Jarrison Time’s comprehensive and sophisticated daily and periodic shift rules and custom formulae, virtually any shift condition and calculation can be catered for.


Control access in and around your premises

Connecting directly to biometric hardware enables Jarrison Time™ to provide secure access control functionality. Limiting certain employees to different entry points at different times is done easily.


Manage Visitors

Allow security guards to enroll visitors by capturing their details (Photo, fingerprints, id documents etc), then optionally printing an indemnity form with their credentials. Visitors can be assigned access through certain entry points at certain times. This information is saved in Jarrison Time™ for easy activation at their next visit.


Reports can be emailed to you automatically 

Create and select any report to be emailed at any given time for any group of employees. Ideal for a daily absentee list sent to each supervisor for each shift.


Payroll Integration

Jarrison Time is recommended by Sage VIP Payroll. Our software integrates seamlessly with SAGE VIP Payroll & many other providers. No more manual capturing of hours & calculations. Payroll made easy!

Software Specifications

• No limit to the number of employees managed

• Custom defined fields

• Quick search using name, surname, employee number and/or id number

• Bulk import (including Sagem fingerprints), excellent for new installations

• Bulk export (to remote sites, including Sagem fingerprints)

• Advanced grouping according to personal details (including custom fields)

• Photo’s are captured per employee or loaded from existing file

• Listing all missing clockings, absence and days with excessive short time

• Double click on an entry to apply any manual edits

• Unlimited categories (normal time, overtime, short time, night allowance etc)

• Transfer of overtime to make up normal time (daily and/or weekly)

• Optional overtime authorisation or declining OT (for any overtime category), one can force the operator to type in a comment for all hours authorised

• Option of approving of periodic summary, periodic totals and/or departmental totals before exporting to payroll easily implemented

• Caters for afternoon and night allowances with custom rules applied

• Rounding of daily and/or periodic time calculations

• Unlimited number of shifts

• Cater for very complex shift rule requirements

• Any shift applied per employee or group of employees

• Any and all break types (lunch, tea, toilet), paid or unpaid

• Daily and periodic calculations using rules and/or formulae

• Bonus times are achievable under certain conditions (public holiday, call outs)

• Shifts exceeding 24 hours are catered for

• Grace times and ignoring of time clocked before shift start is easily managed

• Automatic shift allocation (shift sensing)

• No need for dedicated ‘In’ and ‘Out’ readers. Only one reader required

• Bulk shift & pay group changes for any group of employees

• Automatic import and calculation of clockings

• Rounding of clockings, daily and/or periodic

• Interfaces with existing access control systems importing clocking transactions

• Add, delete or modify any clockings (audited and easily differentiated)

• Bulk addition of clockings

• Unlimited number of clockings per day

• Able to ignore duplicate clockings (clocking ‘In’ or ‘Out’ multiple times)

• Optional clocking groups (different T&A devices for different groups of employees)

• Optionally use the first and last clocking of the day (ignoring in between clockings)

• Late arrival, early departure and short time calculations

• Any type of manual adjustment for all time away from work

• Bulk adjustments for any employee(s) for any given date range

• Unlimited users all working concurrently

• Limit users to WHO they can view

• Limit users to WHO they can edit

• Limit users to WHAT functions they can perform in the software

• Limit users to set REPORTS they can view

• Enforce the expiry of the login password after a certain time period

• Enforce varying password complexity (Case, Digits, Special Characters, Length)

• Multiple employee reminders (medical exams, fork lift licenses etc)

• Acknowledgment of all reminders window

• Ability to remove employees access if reminder is not acknowledged

• Multiple weekly, monthly, biweekly or any date-varying pay groups

• Custom formulae and rules applied to periodic totals with optional conditions

• Flexi-time (balance brought forward, current and time carried forward)

• Automatic calculation of periodic time needed per month

• Report creator (create your own reports)

• E-mail any report at any time to any recipients

• Export to excel

• Print to PDF format

• Daily and/or period totals displayed in hours or decimal format

• Effortless integration to payroll with file Export Creator

• Recommended by Sage VIP (SA’s leading payroll and HR service provider)

• Multiple access groups, each assigning any group of entry locations to any employee during specific times

• Option of 4 concurrent employee access groups (Scheduled access to specific areas)

• Option to deny access to site if employee is late (Interrupting the assembly line)

• Access to site can be automatically denied after certain inactivity periods

• Automatic e-mail notifications sent for any devices which go on/offline